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Get 10% off your company's next soundproofing job!

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At JAD Soundproofing, our customer's safety comes first. During these challenging times of COVID-19, we are offering Free Virtual Soundproofing Inspections so we can assess the noise problems without physically visiting your location. At this time, we are also offering on-site inspections and follow proper COVID protocols of wearing masks and keeping our distance from people as much as possible.

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Innovative Soundproofing Installation

JAD Soundproofing offers various soundproofing solutions and installation in and around the Greater Toronto Area as well as other areas of Ontario. We are your one-stop soundproofing solution: From start to finish, we provide complete Project Management of every job. There's no need to go anywhere else! We'll handle all aspects of the project, from Consulting, Inspection, Testing, Design, Material procurement, Installation and the completed Build.

We pride ourselves on combining the most effective soundproofing materials available on the market with our 20+ years of experience to produce an innovative, customized answer to your noise problems.

Commercial Soundproofing

Soundproofing solves three main problems in offices, commercial, medical or industrial spaces. Do any of these sound like your situation?

1) Decrease in productivity due to unwanted noise, echo or poor acoustics

Workers can’t concentrate due to unwanted external noise

Co-workers are talking on the phone at the same time and their voices echo, making it difficult to hear the person on the line OR too many voices at the same time in the same space make communication challenging

Video calls echo and sound unprofessional, communication suffers

Sound from other offices, through adjoining walls or the ceiling causes disruptions

2) Lack of confidentiality and privacy due to sound traveling to other spaces

private discussions can be heard outside boardrooms, offices or therapy rooms

confidential information is overheard by the wrong party through walls, doors or ductwork

loss of trust due to acoustically insecure rooms

3) Health and Safety issues due to potentially damaging loud sound or annoying repetitive noise

high decibel noise from machinery, HVAC systems, medical equipment or sound systems cause ear damage

repetitive sounds can cause anxiety, increased blood pressure and poor mental and physical health

constant or chronic environmental noise such as loud traffic, construction equipment etc can have serious, negative health impacts

Commercial Applications

Office walls, Boardrooms

Noise travelling from one office to another via the ceiling or venting systems

Interrogation / interviewing rooms in Law enforcement facilities

Psychiatrist offices

Lawyer’s offices: client confidentiality

Doctor’s offices: patient confidentiality

Human Resources offices

Music / recording studios

Radio stations

Areas requiring privacy, confidentiality or security

Residential Applications

Neighbours heard through the walls or ceilings of condos, townhouses...

Outside traffic

Shared walls in semi-detached homes


Loud music or sound from loud televisions

Loud mechanical noises from A/C units, boilers, etc


Office Soundproofing

A busy office means noise

Back to the office means sharing space with your co-workers. The extra voices means more sound energy is bouncing off the walls and ceiling, creating echo and disruption.

How can you optimize the acoustics for your workspace? Read More...

Non-invasive Soundproofing

Non-invasive Soundproofing Solutions

Soundproofing solutions can be done quickly using non-invasive soundproofing techniques.

Learn more about attractive ways to improve acoustics and productivity! Read More...

Test-Consult-Design-Build: Your One-Stop Shop for Soundproofing Solutions

DISCOUNT for Seniors, Military
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We would like to thank Seniors, Military, Veterans, and First Responders by offering a discount on our soundproofing services.
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