Case Study # MA-0918

Description: The client is concerned about speech sensitivity and confidentiality in their office and boardroom

The Story:
Did you know that sound can travel, not just through the walls, but also through ducting and an area above typical office ceilings called the plenum? This area is used as a shared conduit to circulate air and houses the ductwork for the HVAC throughout a building. It also has the ability to share sound—and therefore, your private conversations. This is a situation that you definitely want to avoid, whether it is in the boardroom, examination room or any other space where discussions are meant to stay confidential.

The Good News:
JAD Soundproofing has specialized materials and expertise to prevent sound from getting out of the room through ductwork or the ceiling. We inspect and analyze all areas of the room(s) for sound transmission and provides a thorough soundproofing or sound control treatment. Don`t let secure conversations get away from you, call us today to get the problem fixed!


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