Taking unit owner's complaints seriously


One common complaint from residents is a noisy neighbour that shares a wall but what about cases where managing the noise could be the sole legal responsibility of the condominium corporation?

When it comes to multi-unit residential dwellings, there are times when some condo units are exposed to unwanted noise caused by internal infrastructure. Examples include units adjacent to elevators, main HVAC systems and garbage/recycling chutes.

Read an article from Condomimium Manager Magazine which talks about a noise complaint case and describes how JAD's proposal was accepted and mandated by a court.

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JAD Soundproofing can do a soundproofing inspection to determine what is causing the unwanted sound and a solution to reduce or block it from being heard within the affected units.

Our team has the necessary experience and access to the most effective soundproofing materials to come up with a customized plan for you. We know there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to every noise problem. That's why our proposals are efficient and give you only what you need to get the desired results.


Condominium Magazine

Read this article from the Fall 2022 issue of
Condominium Manager Magazine:

"Don’t Beat Around the Bush.
Not Addressing Nuisance Complaints can be Oppressive"

by Brian Horlick and Bharat Kapoor.

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