COVID-19 has changed the way many of us have been living. During the initial social distancing lockdown, children had to learn remotely and parents scrambled to figure out how to balance work, childcare and education. Many people appreciated that the spaces where they normally went to work or school were set up for those purposes.

People asked: is home a good place to learn or work? How can I reduce distractions so I can concentrate and my children can focus on their lessons?


It's hard enough to concentrate on school or work as it is and many distractions come in the form of unwanted noise. It could be coming from within the home: the sound of water rushing through pipes, loud voices from another room, or poor acoustics and echoes in your workspace. The noise can also come from outside: loud banging of construction vehicles, darks barking, noisy neighbours blasting their music through adjoining walls. How can your children concentrate on their schooling with all this noise? How can you concentrate while working from home?

Thankfully, JAD Soundproofing can help. We can:

improve acoustics - easier to hear conversations and easier to be heard clearly

reduce outside noise - remove distractions so your family can concentrate on their work

block unwanted sound from water pipes, and ventilation systems

reduce noise coming through walls or ceilings

help reduce stress from unwanted noise: this will improve your mental health

Schedule a Virtual Inspection and we'll diagnose the sound issues in your home. We can advise you of real sound solutions that will make a big difference in your home and in your life. There are even things that you can do on your own that we can suggest.

It's time to own your soundscape. You can't control the people or things that make unwanted noise, but you certainly don't have to hear them.

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