Industrial Sound Problems

Loud, unwanted noise is often an issue in industrial spaces like factories, warehouses, production facilities, shipping & receiving areas and storage areas. Machinery, moving parts, vehicle traffic and people working in active areas are some of the sources of this noise.

The physical buildings that house these spaces are usually designed unintentionally in a way that amplifies the unwanted sound or creates further echoes. This design includes high ceilings with lots of empty space to add resonance to the industrial sounds. Hard, bare floor and wall surfaces made of materials like concrete, metal, glass or tile cause sound to bounce back to the ear at different angles, creating echoes.

In short, loud or unwanted noise makes communication more difficult. People have to raise their voices just to be heard above the other sounds. Constant, loud exposure to noise every day creates negative impacts on worker health—both physical and mental. Complaints range from annoyance due to repetitive sounds to headaches and possible hearing loss. Even with ear plugs or ear protection, our bodies are still subjected to the intense sound wave energy, which can be felt in the form of vibrations. We often don’t realize it but this vibration energy can stress our nervous systems. These problems reduce worker morale, health and productivity.


JAD Soundproofing has worked on many industrial projects with sound treatments to ceilings, walls and around loud equipment. Our expert team of installers uses special materials that can effectively absorb, block or diffuse sound waves to improve working conditions. Customers have told us that the soundproofing has made their jobs easier and couldn’t figure out why the soundproofing treatments hadn’t been done sooner. Contact JAD Soundproofing for a site inspection today.

Contact JAD Soundproofing for a site inspection today. We will plan out an effective, customized sound solution.

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