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Architects and Designers: JAD Soundproofing wants to partner with you on your design projects.


Throughout history, buildings have been constructed to inspire, to optimize productivity and for functionality. While these structures may cater to our senses of vision and touch, in many cases, the chosen materials or designs do not take into account the effects of sound. Common issues include undesirable echo, poor acoustics and the intrusion of unwanted noise from loud, outside sources. We often don’t anticipate the full effect of a space until we start using it and by then, there are added costs to correcting the situation. Why not design, build and decorate a structure to work with all the senses right from the start.


JAD Soundproofing has access to a wide range of sound absorption, diffusion and soundproofing materials. These materials come in a wide range of visual finishes, colours, textures and styles so that the space you design looks and sounds amazing.

We specialize in soundproofing—that’s all we do—and we match the right materials to each situation and apply effective and expert installation techniques. In addition to our wide selection of quality acoustic materials, JAD Soundproofing offers a thorough acoustic inspection, proposal for a solution and customized installation. We can also bring in acoustic engineers if required and will leave you with a space that will make a big difference in productivity and acoustic functionality.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can work together to enhance your designs and offer your clients added value through soundproofing.

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