Interior Acoustics

Most office spaces are built to hold people, furniture and office equipment. They are not designed for good acoustics. By acoustics, we mean the way that sound energy is transmitted throughout the room and the way that surfaces such as the walls, ceilings and floors reflect sound back to our ears. Sound energy coming from the same source bounces off these surfaces at different angles and hits our ears at slightly different times. This is how we perceive echo.

Echoes and poor acoustics contribute to poor communication: difficulty hearing important conversations during meetings, sounding unprofessional during online business meetings, increasing the risk of distractions and irritation. All of these are not conducive to good business.

JAD Soundproofing will assess the sound situation and come up with a plan to block or absorb unwanted sound with a variety of effective and innovative materials.

Contact us to learn about our non-invasive soundproofing techniques and aesthetically attractive soundproofing materials. We will work with you to deliver a final product that look as good as it sounds.

Keeping Your Employees Productive

It's no wonder that employees who are able to concentrate on their tasks perform better. One way to enhance focus is to remove distractions in the form of unwanted noise. JAD Soundproofing can assess your work space, improve acoustics and reduce that unwanted noise—whether it's from other employees, equipment, HVAC systems or noise through walls and ceilings.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Another issue with many offices is the lack of privacy. Walls are often thin and many people don't realize that sound also travels above the ceiling, through ductwork or the empty space above called the plenum. Fortunately, there are ways of creating a more "sonically secure" space, both for privacy and maintaining confidentiality.

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