Soundproofing in Health Care and Medical Settings

One of the sectors we find that is badly in need of soundproofing is health care and the medical industry. This includes doctor’s offices, therapy rooms, patient examination rooms, hospitals and other places where patient confidentiality, privacy and the need for quiet exists.

The two areas of concern can be broken down into:

1) Setting up spaces to maintain privacy and confidentiality through soundproofing
2) Reducing unwanted noise that disturbs patients’ quality of care through application of sound absorbing and sound blocking techniques

Where Privacy and Confidentiality Matter:

Doctor’s Offices:

When it comes to matters of privacy and confidentiality, a person’s medical condition can often be top of the list. That’s why doctors see patients in a separate examination room and not out in front of everybody sitting in the waiting room.

Patients come to see a doctor for all sorts of medical issues and want to be able to keep these issues between themselves and the doctor. If they can hear people talking through the walls, they might think that anything they say could be overheard too. If that information was overheard by someone in the waiting room, the hallway or in a different part of the building, the result could be embarrassment or worse.

Therapy Rooms:

The situation is similar to a doctor’s office, but with issues of mental health, relationship issues and matters of the heart. A client will not feel able to open up to a therapist if they feel unsafe or that their conversation is not secure.

Major Areas of concern:

1) Thin walls: sound travels easily through these walls
2) Ceilings—especially the area called a plenum, an open area above the typical office drop-ceilings where air (and sound) can travel to other rooms and parts of the building.

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Where Sound and Noise Affect Patient Healing:

Busy hospitals are noisy. Patients who are trying to rest and recover often have their sleep interrupted by the sound of intercom messages, medical alerts on all sorts of machinery and by the sound of other patients screaming, crying, coughing or making other sounds.

In these situations, there are ways to reduce unwanted noise without interfering with medical and nursing procedures.

Call us today. We want to make a big difference and help medical professionals give the best treatment they can. After all, we are all patients at some point and deserve a safe place to get the care we need.

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Airborne Noise causes disruptions and interferes with interviews

Sound travels through more than just the walls
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You don't want others overhearing
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Therapy appointments require trust and confidentiality

Confidentiality during a therapy session