Noisy Medical Equipment in Health Care

We are thankful for new technology that helps diagnose or treat health issues but sometimes the machinery that is helpful, also causes other issues in the form of noise. Motors growling, high-pitched sounds or mechanical parts moving can disturb patients in adjacent rooms. Environments such as hospitals are supposed to be places where patients can have quiet and calm to help them heal.

Hospitals, labs and health-care facilities can improve patient wellness as well as make communication amongst health practitioners and medical technicians clearer and safer by reducing unwanted noise due to medical equipment.

JAD Soundproofing can help reduce unwanted noise pollution by applying special soundproofing treatments to walls, ceilings, doors and floors of rooms that house the noisy machinery. We have access to special sound absorbing materials that are designed for health care use.

These materials not only reduce unwanted noise, they are also antimicrobial, antifungal to reduce transmission of infectious diseases.

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Other unwanted sound in health-care settings

Unfortunately, many of the devices that are designed to alert nurses and health-care practitioners about irregularity in heart-rate, blood-oxygen levels and blood pressure are programmed with anxiety-causing, blaring alarms. Combine all the with the cacophony of nurse call buttons, frequent loudspeaker messages, ringing phones and busy voices and it's a wonder that anyone can get any rest at all.

JAD Soundproofing has materials and innovative techniques that are designed for sound absorption, sound blocking and sound diffusion.

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Reduce noise to improve patient care

patients can get the rest they need when the environment is quiet