Setting up Your Space for Successful Sound

We've seen a large trend in people working from home. And since this is the age of the Internet, we've seen more people setting up home studios to create podcasts, online videos or to record music.

Unfortunately, most homes are not built with acoustics in mind. JAD Soundproofing has recently done sound treatments for several home studios and also for offices where space had to be rearranged to accommodate social distancing. Whether you have a studio or not, good acoustics are essential in any form of communication—hearing and being heard so that the messages are received clearly. Call us to discuss your sound control needs.

Important Factors for a Successful Home Studio

You could have the best recording and sound system money can buy but what good are they if the acoustics in your room are terrible?

You need:

1) A way to block unwanted, intrusive noise from coming into your studio (outside traffic, weather, footsteps and voices, etc)

2) A way to block the sound you make from disturbing others in the house or disturbing your neighbours.

3) A way to reduce unwanted echo so the sound you produce is crisp and clear (ie: improve acoustics and produce professional, quality sound)

4) A way to absorb excess ambient noise (ie: from your ventilation system, hardware racks, computer fans, etc)

Contact JAD Soundproofing to discuss your home-studio needs. We can help you sound great!



Setting up your own studio space the way you want is important

"Sounding professional at home"


Looks and Sounds great

"With custom-selected colours,
this studio looks and sounds great!"

Make your music sound great

"Make your music, videos or podcasts sound great!"