Case Study # FM-0218

Description: The client is experiencing echoing sound’s in the office and board room while on a conference call

The Story:
It`s unfortunate, but when offices are designed, sound-quality is not usually on the agenda. Have you sat at a boardroom table and struggled to clearly hear what your colleague is saying? Or have you had teleconferences and the echo was so bad, communication was a challenge? If these are your experiences, you are not alone. The sound waves we create by speaking bounce off the walls and create echo or cause distractions during a conversation. Cinemas and theatres know this and have special panels built into the walls to improve the audio experience of the audience.

The Good News:
JAD Soundproofing can assess the sound problem and apply sound treatments to the walls (and perhaps the ceiling) to prevent echo. And we can also improve the acoustics in the room so that conversations sound clearer too. We offer non-invasive sound treatments that do not require demolishing or rebuilding walls. Best of all, our sound treatments can add to the look of the room too--it's easy on the eyes and the ears! Contact us to hear how we can improve productivity in your office and make work-life easier.


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